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Business Planning

Are you passionate about your business? Can it scale? Can it deliver value and make money? Is it disruptive? Is it fundable? What are the risks? We can help you with end to end business planning. As Vinod Khosla from Khosla Ventures once said, "The biggest risk for an entrepreneur is not what he doesn't know, but what he doesn't know that he doesn't know."

Team Development

The right team is one of the most important things for the success of a business. But getting the right training to the team beats it. The right team is not the most intelligent team. Rather, it is the most suitable team for the business you are in.

Courses and Resources

At AcmeEntrepreneur we empower the best entrepreneurs. We also provide introductory classes to business planning and entrepreneurship for high schoolers to adults. Contact us to learn more about our upcoming 2020 summer programs.

Welcome to AcmeEntrepreneur

Welcome to AcmeEntrepreneur, your hub to learning entrepreneurship. The program was founded by Stanford Entrepreneur Aditya Mittal, and hopes to make the world a more entrepreneurial place. We believe general understanding of entrepreneurship is the path to greater prosperity, high quality living, mankind's future, solutions and exploration, new products in every sector from energy to healthcare, wealth generation, and greater economics stability.

We are currently preparing for our summer programs. Please contact us to learn more about the programs that are starting soon! You are also encouraged to contact us if you are a company interested in allowing our students to visit for a trip, provide internships, resources such as space, speakers or funds to support our program. Please do contact us if you can help us in any way from press, marketing to speakers!


Summer 2020 Program Registration Now Open!!

While anybody can participate, the summer program is perfect for high school students and aspiring young entrepreneurs! In the past, our students have used it to learn business, invest, and score internships for college! You will get a certificate, and in addition to being a million dollar life skill, it also looks great on your resume!

To apply for summer 2020: 2020 Summer Application
Learn the rich mind set that schools don't teach but will change life decisions