Summer 2022 Business development Boot Camp for high schoolers

Learn to be an acme entrepreneur!

With the high school business planning boot camp you can make this summer a life-changing experience for your teenager. Give him or her the best gift of his or her life. Give your teenager a life skill he or she will keep for life ‑ the basic skills and knowledge needed to build a real business. The boot camp provides real-life experience and exposure to work life after college. It will give your teen a good idea of what to expect after college and what to focus on during college. Our colleges today train our teams into becoming good employees. However, it is essential for our teens to realize there are more ways about life. College is possibly the most resourceful time when a person can become an entrepreneur and start a company. At this time a person does not have to worry about paying bills such as rent, is surrounded by trustworthy peers and many other resources such labs and professors that can guide projects. By enrolling in this boot camp you can help your child realize his fuller potential during his next few years that will determine his/her life. So, don't miss out on this opportunity! Due to limited space, and high expected demand we will give preference to early comers and/or evaluate candidates for potential before enrolment. Classes will only be run subject to minimum enrolment requirements of the program. Though unlikely, all money will be refunded if the minimum enrolment is not met. Join us and invite your friends too!

The world is changing fast. In today's economy a school education is not enough. A shortage of jobs, rapid ups and downs in economy and other such factors have made a good education in entrepreneurship essential. Our program gives students a primer in:

  • Personality development and leadership
  • Learning marketing and sales
  • Learning the importance of intellectual property and technology
  • Learning to communicate with real customers
  • Getting field experience with real companies and startups
  • Access to knowledgeable speakers, top entrepreneurship gurus, and other entrepreneurs
  • Company visits / corporate structure
  • Interesting business games like Rich Dad Poor Dad's Cash Flow and Monopoly variations
  • Basic financial planning with cash flows, income statements, balance sheets, audits etc.
  • Understanding angel and venture capital investors, term sheets and raising money for your business
  • Team work and team development / Organizational Structure
  • Legal issues in business such as licenses, types of governance
  • Types of businesses from home business to local to ecommerce to corporations
  • Technology and basic web development, outsourcing, engineering challenges
  • Resume building
  • And much much more...

To apply for summer 2022: 2022 Summer Application