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Acme Entrepreneur Announces Summer 2022 Entrepreneurship Boot Camp


The Summer 2022 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp will be hosted by Acme Entrepreneur in July of 2022 on the Stanford University campus.


STANFORD, CA (December 23, 2013) - Founded by Stanford alum to help students build resumes for colleges, find internships and get the necessary project experience to enjoy success in the professional and business world, AcmeEntrepreneur announces their six week Summer 2022 Entrepreneurship boot camp to be held around July, 2022.  The boot camp will include optimum learning five days a week from 7 to 9 p.m. on the Stanford University campus and will engage attendees with practical business and entrepreneurship principles.


Principles covered will include product or service planning and marketing as well as how to raise capital, embody leadership qualities and use networking strategies.   Teaching students how to create value for their future and get an overall head start on their business intelligence Acme Entrepreneur’s boot camp will increase team building and overall exceptional results.


Aditya Mittal, startup founder and teacher at Acme Entrepreneur said of the boot camp, “We’ll kick off the event with personal development and make our way through understanding the pros and cons of markets, technology, project demos, marketing plans and analytics.  It just goes on from there.  We’ll broach financial models, project presentation, patents and resume building.  It’s an intensive six week program and we’re pleased to help our students in any way we can.”


About Acme Entrepreneur:


Acme Entrepreneur was founded by Aditya Mittal to help students get an understanding of business practices and inspire an entrepreneurial spirit. The program includes online lessons and summer sessions.  Surbhi Agarwal who has a Bachelor of Engineering from University of Delhi and is finishing her MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, specializing in General Management and Strategy and Entrepreneurship, joins Mittal.


For more information visit www.acmeentrepreneur.com.




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