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Guerrilla Marketing

Here is our team that won Guy Kawasaki's guerrilla marketing award by getting 3000+ organic signups and donations for Susan B. Breast Cancer Foundation. Social Entrepreneurship is a growingly popular form of entrepreneurship where a person or a group works towards a social cause. NGOs and Non-profits are supposed to be formal ways of setting up a social entrepreneurial venture.

I've been lucky enough to spend personal time with Guy on a few occassions at Stanford. He's one of the leading personalities in social media marketing today and the author of numerous books on startups and entrepreneurship. He gained fame as the former chief evangelist of Apple, Inc. and is the Co-founder of Alltop.com. You can find the link to his blog on the side.

Oligopolies and Monopolies

The picture above is an actual AcmeEntrepreneur classroom that I taught through one summer to high school students. Using games to teach is one of my favorite ways because students get very involved and learn a lot. We modified monopoly to allow oligopolies and more.

Forming oligopolies in a modified version of monopoly and learning about types of markets - primary, secondary, spot, futures, money, capital, world, regional, local, physical assets, financial, private, public, IPO, auction, dealer, mortgage, consumer credit markets... do you know all these types of markets?

Cash flow from 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' program was also a popular game amongst the students as they learned to escape the job rat race and about the auditing process.

Learn Entrepreneurship

Finding a Place Where You Can Learn Everything About Entrepreneurship

Finding a place where everything about entrepreneurship is taught may somehow be difficult. But through the programs offered online, people are assured that they can get the best and the easiest way to increase their knowledge and understanding about entrepreneurship. Attending college or university is not the only way that people can do to learn things that a future entrepreneur should know.

For people who are interested in learning entrepreneurship, it is necessary that they are aware of the things that they should learn about the topic. It is not just about starting a business whenever they want or whenever they have the starting capital. It is also about learning the essential things about how they can market it their business and products, and make them popular to your target audience.

The world of entrepreneurship is sure to be really wide since it requires not only knowledge about the entire processes but also the skills on how to cope up with anything that they may encounter in the industry where they belong. As more people aim to learn more about entrepreneurship, they tend to get extra online programs though they have already taken up some in the past. They prefer to take up online programs for students not only to be taught about basics and games that would enhance their skills but also introduce them to various things that they can encounter in the real world.

It is necessary that the online school that you will choose is able to teach you about the fundamentals needed for creating an organization as well as learning the importance of team building and its proper execution in the success of your business. The school should also introduce you to proper ways of marketing and handling your products or services, creating sales, building customer development, and producing venture funding with professional guidance.

When looking for a place where people can learn more about entrepreneurship than what they already know, it is necessary that they will search for the one that can provide them with competitive teachers who have experienced and skills in teaching effective entrepreneurial lessons. Another thing that you should look for in an online school is the programs that are designed to cater all the possible things that every student should know and the ones that every dedicated entrepreneur should understand and practice.

However, the learning process does not stop with just lectures, games and strategies. It is also necessary that students are given the opportunity to experience what it is really like in the entrepreneurial world. You and other students should be sent into internships or trips wherein you can see the things are possibly waiting for you in the business world. This will make you and your colleagues aware of the possible things that you may encounter once you have stepped into the real world.

It is given that the world of entrepreneurship is somehow difficult to deal with. But with using the right strategies and being as competitive as possible, you can anticipate the things that you can go through. This is only possible with getting the right hub where you can apply the things you have learned in the entrepreneurial programs that you have attended.

A hub like acmeentrepreneur.com is the ultimate solution for getting into the professional world of entrepreneurship and allows you to focus on various things that you should learn about the topic, and apply it in your business ventures in the future.

Leading Conference and Company Visits

Above the students and I are at TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Conference. TieCon is the largest entrepreneurship conference in the world. We heard keynote speakers and the high school students passed out resumes to score internships at an early age for a head start.

As part of the AcmeEntrepreneur program in the past, the students also got to visit companies such as CourseHero where everyone from CEOs and VPs to Product Managers, HR and Engineers spoke to them about their roles in the companies. The lucky bunch got an unparalleled experience and perspective on life after college.

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