Aditya Mittal (Founder)

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Aditya Mittal and Eva Wong ran the first AcmeEntrepreneur summer bootcamp in 2011.
Aditya Mittal is an author of 4 books, entrepreneur, Stanford alum, worked at NASA and many startup businesses, loves technology, math and science. His hobbies are music, teaching, and cooking. His personal homepage is at if you would like to know more about Aditya. Facebook Fan Page

Surbhi Agarwal (Strategy and Marketing Guru)

Surbhi has joined us in 2013, as she finishes her MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.
Surbhi has over nine years of experience in business development, product management and marketing in the technology industry. Surbhi has led multiple strategic initiatives for business growth in startups and multinational organizations. Surbhi has been passionate for entrepreneurship; she started her first company in India at the age of 17. Since then, she has held leadership positions at two early startups in new product development and sales. Surbhi has expertise in market segmentation, competitive strategy, product launch and sales funnel development. Surbhi has Bachelor of Engineering from University of Delhi and currently, she is finishing her MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, specializing in General Management & Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Peter Laurentis (Traveling Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor)

Peter Laurentis is an entrepreneur, Harvard business graduate, and Stanford alum. While attending Stanford he excelled in his technology classes, which helped inspire him to develop the first mobile app for voting registration, "Raise Your Vote." This app was later nominated best app at the Mashable Awards. Laurentis also worked for several Silicon Valley startups, including Microsoft, Zaarly, DateMySchool, and GigWalk. He was on the team that created the SkyDrive app, won the Google HTML5 in 2010, and has participated in hackathons for numerous other tech organizations, including Facebook, AT&T and MIT. He is a founding member of Organizing for America (formerly Obama for America), and takes pride in helping candidates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Jay Chen, and Chris Quinn. He also collaborated with NGO's such as Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office. Peter's Klout score is 66, he is fluent in four languages, has lived on four continents, in five major capitals, and in six US cities. His work is now primarily based in Washington, Dubai, and Singapore. In recent years he has branched out from his technological roots and received a certification in Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome from Harvard Medical School, then went on to develop over 10 years of research on weight management.

AcmeEntrepreneur was founded in 2011 when a group of high school students and parents were told by the school guidance counselor to find an internship for resume building for college applications. As we know, its not easy for high school students to get internship since they lack experience and real life know-how.

Having gotten the best of engineering and business education from colleges like Stanford and Syracuse, having worked in research, engineering, to business intelligence, being an integral part of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial community, having worked for brand name companies like NASA, consulting for Sun Microsystems, and real experience in startups, having started various ventures and also raised angel funding before Aditya decided to setup a summer program for the students.

The students got a chance to visit and learn from a variety of speakers, company and conference visits, games like Rich Dad Poor Dad's Cash flow and Monopoly, market studies, website building, speaking and marketing skills and much more giving them a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit and introducing them to the real world.

Since 2011, the AcmeEntrepreneur program has grown into sporadic online lessons and summer sessions. We are already looking forward to the Summer of 2022 and invite you to join us in making this program a success. We strongly believe that by creating more entrepreneurs we are spreading the power to make the world a better place. We are disemminating the knowledge that has the potential to make a person wealthy and successful to any degree they choose!